Sunday, September 26, 2010

Manifest my Destiny (shopping list)

Since arriving on the west coast, I have been overwhelmed by the spiritual 'vibrations' so common in the vocabulary of pedestrian speech. For example, on many occasions I have been told to 'manifest' what I want to experience in my life. I was instructed to be specific and ask for exactly what I want from the universe.

With critical awareness of spiritual capitalism, I have laughed for and with the people who bought commercially successful products including the book and video called 'The Secret' -- with the hope that they could break a hidden code of mind over matter. I like the notion that people desire to feel such freedom, responsibility, and control in their lives. Also, I don’t want to miss a great opportunity to get all the stuff I want, so I thought I would try out this potential new tool.

As a way to get settled in my new neighborhood, acclimate to a new culture, and to remain efficient, I installed a shopping list on various electric poles and trees on my new block. The shopping list varied from posting to posting and included between 10 and 20 of the needs listed below.

I designed this posting with respect to hidden indigenous codes, so I intuitively offered the passerby ‘freedom of response’. In the ‘spirit’, I listed two ways for people to help me manifest what I need through donations or through the gesture of burying a tab to help me get what I want. I also gave an option for needy people to wish for what they need by using one of these tabs for themselves.

Here is the entire list of needs as displayed on the posters:
1. old analog or electric typewriter that works
2. working sewing machine
3. excellent boyfriend who bikes
4. electric kettle that works
5. good haircut (I have a terrible one in need of repair)
6. cordless drill with a good battery
7. nice old couch
8. good writing desk and chair
9. rich soil to start a garden
10. crock pot or rice cooker
11. new bike seat
12. old manuals or how to books with illustrations
13. old chandelier (working or not)
14. battery powered hot glue gun
15. house plants
16. tea pot
17. car repair services
18. small and medium size wheels for a bike trailer
19. copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits
20. a friend to go exploring with
21. water proof fabric/sail fabric
22. saw horses
23. old wood
24. record player
25. baking pans for bread
26. a great travel mug
27. battery powered lighting
28. ancient books of poetry with illustrations
29. magic lessons
30. light, aluminum 6 foot ladder

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