Monday, June 16, 2008

My apartment

These pictures are in my apartment, styled by my roommate, Jenny.
That POP! book is from the Milwaukee Art Museum, and that is the dirty floor I didn't wash for a while.

Those are the stripes painted by Alan Oei, all in one night in 2005. There is a mirror from my mom and a collage from a tiny Argentinian guy who was obsessed with Madonna in London. The couch is from THE BIGGEST FURNITURE STORE IN NY, formerly on Nostrand. It was $300 and it was delivered in plastic straight from 1970. No ass had ever touched it directly before me. Or at least I like to think that.

There is the wallpaper from MFTA, probably once made for or used in a bodega bathroom in a Mexican restaurant. That butterfly is from Dominique, via a friend who had a lot of free jewelry from the store she worked for. I gave it to Jenny before she moved to NY because I thought she needed a status symbol. The red trim to your right is candy apple red and I suddenly stayed up all night one night painting that one simple thing the same color as my tricycle.

That is one really hot jacket in front of a wall piece Jenny made out of wall paper, cardboard, and grommets over a month when she was brand new to NY. What a warrior.

I love to see all this stuff from a new perspective. It all has a new life. It has grown up and out without my help. Now I can set it free and move to Africa.

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