Friday, January 12, 2007

Paolo Soleri

This is from the Arcosanti Project website: Paolo Soleri's definitions:


The esthetic incarnation in specific objects-events. When true, the event is the transfiguring of anguish into the esthetic and "on the spot" is an end itself.

Art is the more persuasive and powerful example of frugality. It does so much with so little. Think of a short sonnet rebounding from one culture to the next leaving minds in awe.

The Future

It is a semantic make-believe because the word is a sort of self-denial. In order to be true to itself the future cannot exist.

What exists is the tide we call the becoming which in some sort of coherent fashion makes possible anticipatory scenarios. Perhaps the word instead of future should be anticipation . The anticipation of presents made on the basis of the memories delivered by the past (upon demand or not). Physical memories, genetic memories and cultural memories.

Miniaturization, M

Miniaturization is the progressive reduction of the physical dimension of an event favoring a tighter performance among contiguous events. The mass-energy, spacetime savings is locally critical and such frugality rebounds throughout reality. Via miniaturization the impossible becomes possible.

This makes Miniaturization the "physical side" of Complexity without which Complexity cannot hold; a content, Complexity, in search of a container Miniaturization. By this miniaturization-complexification operation a threshold can be reached where matter becomes life and knowledge.

The nature of Complexity demands the rigorous utilization of all resources- mass-energy and spacetime, for example. Therefore, whenever Complexity is at work, Miniaturization is mandated and a part of the process.

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